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Frequently Asked Questions

48 years, as of January 2024

Our typical Hunt student is a highly-motivated junior in high school who does very well in the classroom. He/she is very involved in school activities, particularly within the athletic, drama and music departments. Most of our students are applying to very competitive schools, have taken the PSAT or SAT already, and want to improve their scores. Some of our students have a history of difficulty taking standardized tests and want to learn the proper test taking strategies.

We require a minimum of five students and set a maximum of twelve. Our average class size is nine students.

All of our staff are experienced and certified teachers. Most have masters degree credentials. The majority of our staff is employed by Fairfax County Schools by day and work with us on evenings or weekends. All enjoy working with students and have been trained to teach The Hunt Course for PSAT/SAT preparation.

The Hunt Course is a "strategy course." It is not designed for extensive remediation. Our typical student does very well in the classroom. Our focus is instruction. Our typical students are very busy with school and extracurricular activities.

No one can guarantee what a teenager will do. Our guarantee is to provide quality instruction. We do not believe in using fiction in advertising or making unsubstantiated claims of score improvement. Most guarantees are used for marketing purposes. Our over three decades of success speaks for itself.

Most students improve somewhere in the 75 to 200 range in total improvement. Many students go over 200 points in total improvement. There are no guarantees.

There are no formal homework assignments. Hunt instructors make suggestions of areas to review and study. Our students respond positively to these suggestions.