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“We chose The Hunt Course after hearing about it from a neighbor whose three children took the course at their private school. We are quite pleased. The instructor stayed after class to clarify some of my daughter's concerns.”
R.K. - West Springfield
“My son took a school course and was totally bored. He later took The Hunt Course and increased his score over 200 points. He is now at Duke.”
J.L. - Fairfax Station
“Our son took The Hunt Course and raised his score enough to get into Virginia. We have two younger daughters who will be enrolled in the very near future.”
M.J. - Arlington
“My daughter was very impressed with the teachers when she took The Hunt Course. Both displayed a genuine desire to raise her score. She went on to say, she wished she had those two teachers at her school. That's quite a statement from a seventeen year old.”
G.U. - Sterling
“Four of my children have taken The Hunt Course. All did well on the SAT.”
R.M. - Alexandria
“The Hunt Course has been offered at our church for years. My son and daughter both took the course. My son is now at Washington & Lee and my daughter is a second year student at Virginia.”
B.P. - Oakton
“I called six preparation courses before I chose The Hunt Course. The other five talked about guarantees of score improvement. Knowing what I know about teenagers and guarantees, I chose The Hunt Course. The price was right and they never made any guarantees except they would give my son quality instruction. They did and my son is now attending Brown University.”
R.T. - Great Falls