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Preparation Programs

SAT and ACT Preparation Course

The nine-hour Digital SAT Preparation Review Course is administered in 3 three-hour class sessions. Class instructional time is focused on the Reading, Writing and Math sections of the Digital SAT. Ample time is provided for the review of content material, test-taking strategies, and anti-stress techniques. All students receive a suggested home study/review plan at the conclusion of the course. Emphasis throughout the course is on how to take the SAT or PSAT successfully and be a fundamentally sound test taker.

Tuition (including text and hand out materials): $450

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SAT Quick Content Reviews

This three-hour program will focus on the essential test taking strategies and Do's and Don'ts necessary to do well on the PSAT or SAT. The Quick Review is an ideal refresher for students who have completed a preparation course or for students who have had no preparation in any form.

Tuition: $150

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Math Only Classes

Math only classes will be held at all course locations. Math only will be administered in 2 three-hour classes. Math Review focuses on the Math content of the Digital SAT. Please call for the specific dates and times of the math only classes.

Tuition (including text and hand out materials): $300

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